After converting device to IGEL OS, device stuck and won’t reboot

Hello everyone! Today has been an interesting day, I’ve successfully done a UDC3 conversion on a laptop! 😄 It’s pretty slick, and I’m excited to get approval for converting more. I am having one issue, and I don’t see anything in the knowledge base for troubleshooting. The issue is, the device won’t successfully reboot. If you tell the device either from the desktop or the UMS console to reboot, it’ll flip to a black screen and just sit there. I’ve left it for five minutes just in case it was pondering life, but it still just remained at the black screen. I can shut down the device fine, and it boots perfectly fine as well, it’s only the reboot that causes this. Has anyone come across this? Did I miss a step somewhere? I appreciate all of the help and suggestions you wonderful folks have to offer, thank you!

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What firmware are you converting it to? Does the laptop by chance have NVIDIA graphics?

I converted to 10.05.500.01, and no for NVIDIA graphics. It’s a Dell Latitude E5520, an older from 2011, hopefully that’s not an issue?

Recommend making sure it is up to date on Bios version.

One thing to test on the endpoint: switch to another console by pressing CTRL ALT F12, login as root, and send the command shutdown -r now

If it hangs: CTRL ALT F11 or F10 and look if it hangs on a specific step

Thank you for all of the ideas, as this was an older laptop the BIOS was extremely out of date. Once I got that updated the reboot issue was resolved! 😄

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