Can I simply install IGEL Universal Desktop OS3 on a Universal Desktop LX?

Hey people, can I simply install Igel Universal Desktop OS3 on a Universal Desktop LX? Do I have to change licenses or something???

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You can but converting igel devices (on OS10) means to buy new UDC licenses.

In that case you would reinstall the Igel OS for foreign hardware on our own.

On OS11, it doesn‘t matter anymore.

Is there a specific usecase?

I have different Igels and I’d like to have a homogen system

So if I would like to change from Universal Desktop LX – I have to buy new licenses?

I don’t like to have “only 1 Igel” with Desktop OS…

Yes, ok. Then, if you can‘t upgrade to OS11 where there isn‘t a difference anymore, you could ask for a bunch of UDC3 licenses to convert them (if that makes sense from a monetary perspective😄).

Technically there is no real difference in functionality between the two versions. And buying UDC3 means you will also need to purchase a Maintenance subscription for each device for at least one year… Personally I wouldn’t change anything if there is only a different name shown inside UMS 🙂

Hmmm… alright! Thanks anyway 🙂

Im a genius, I just made the old master with 10.05.500 UDC-LX to a normal client and made the DesktopOS3-Igel now a master as a “one of his kind” haha

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