Considerations for changing the IP address of a IGEL UMS server?

Are there any gotchas or considerations for changing the IP address of a UMS server besides updating the igelrmserver DNS record?

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Some devices may n ot connect again until rebooted if they stored the IP Address. They _should_ check igelrmserver if they cannot connect

Thanks Christopher. What about in terms of ICG? Anything of potential concern there?

You may want to uninstall ICG, and reinstall it once you re-IP UMS.

If you change the IP of the ICG you may run into greater issues

Yeah, no plans to change ICG IP address. And actually, there’s no urgency to re-IP the UMS. We’re looking to migrate the UMS to a different VMware Cluster at another data center, which does not include the same subnet. However, there isn’t a demand to migrate it, just a slight desire.

Yea, I would recommend uninstalling ICG, moving UMS, and re-installing ICG

Just to make sure everything goes as smooth as possible

Will uninstalling and re-installing ICG cause a problem for the remote devices though?

Not as long as you reinstall using the same certificate. They should reconnect with no issue once ICG is back up. The worse that would happen is you may have to reboot some IGEL’s to get them to reconnect, but usually they reconnect after about 20~30 minutes on their own

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