Does anyone have problems with the IGEL UD Pocket supporing DVORAK keyboards?

Does anyone have problems with the UD Pocket, pushing DVORAK keyboards?

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No, but if I remember right it almost concern QWERTY Countries right? Which kind of issues are you facing?

We are pushing out AZERTY settings in our profiles, this works for all our Igel clients, but not for the UD Pocket. The UD Pocket ignores our profile settings for the keyboards and pushes as much as 5 different QWERTY keyboards into our VDI sessions

Firmware version is the same between the UD Devices and UDP? If yes, would you mind to share some screenshots?

Let me check…

We are indeed running on mixed versions

I will fix this issue first, than see from there.

Keep my fingers crossed!


I have trouble convincing people to use Dvorak or Colemak, but that’s about it. 🙂

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