How do I create a _tc.keystore_ on IGEL OS?

Stupid question guys, but how do I create a _tc.keystore_ ?

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No stupid questions! May I ask first gor which use case maybe? Usually, you could goto UMS Administration, Certificate Management, click on the UMS Certificate and click on Export (or similar).

So the scenario is that I am updating a UMS server and bolting on the HA server as well.

I am currently at this step

Got it!! Thanks, then you should be good!

Cheers, I will give it a shot now πŸ™‚

hmm… well my Certificate Management is completely blank

Which UMS version are you looking at?

this is currently on 6.01.110

Just to get you right, we are only speaking about an update or a migration to a new HA Server?

Well kind of both πŸ˜‚ it’s not a new server per say but i am installing UMS HA server on the same box post initial install

And then it is being updated to 6.02

or more of an update/install :thinking_face:

Ok! So, you already have an UMS Server installed, you want to move it now to an HA install (on the same box), right? Are they already/still Endpoint registered with this UMS?

Well I’ve got the Certificate Management to show, I just logged in with DB user. So I guess I have a fault in an Access List

And thats correct Seb and there are Endpoints registered with the UMS

Great!! Ok, we are getting closer! So, the Keystore is located in your existing IGEL Directory: IGELRemoteManagerrmtcserver

awesome, found it!

time to hold your breath

6.02 magic here we go

Yep, upgrade was successful. Thank you very much @member πŸ™Œ:skin-tone-2:

You are welcome Anthony!! Have fun!

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