How to configure IGEL OS to reboot every night after 6 hours of inactivity?

I’m trying to get my thinclients to reboot every night after 6 hours of inactivity. I have been able to somewhat achieve this with “Dedicated Wake On LAN Proxies”, an Inactivity power off profile, coupled with a wakeup job. I see there is a restart command in the registry already. cant this command be sent to the device after an inactivity time?

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Good morning @member you may be able to accomplish this via registry settings on the IGEL. However, may I ask what you are trying to accomplish with the nightly reboot? Normally you shouldn’t have to reboot a Linux based ThinClient unless you are updating the firmware, or pushing very specific configuration updates.

We have dell thin clients with Igel installed. In the past we had issues with long “up time” on thin clients so we have always had a nightly 6hr inactivity power off control in place.

@member I believe you can achieve this using these settings here :

Yep, that is what I was looking at earlier. Sorry didn’t see the response until just now

I’ve set our VMware client session to disconnect after 15 minutes. I’m sure you could do a reboot command for x amount of minutes you need

I can share my profile for guidance if needed

@member that would be awesome, thanks!!

@member Here ya go! This is specifcally for my use case of disconnecting an active VMware connection after 15 minutes of idle. So i’m sure you’d be able to tweak it to your needs.

thanks, after you posted i saw another thread on the igel slack with a similar solution. The problem i am having is finding the actual reboot linux command that is used in the “sessions.xlock%.options.countdown_done_cmd”

ah ok cool Hopefully your all set then 🙂

@member you could try the command: reboot

@member we tweaked your Profile and that worked perfectly!! thanks!!

You’re welcome!

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