How to customize the IGEL OS Creator (OSC) to preset settings before deployment.


We are using OSC on a USB stick to convert our clients to Igel OS. Is there any way to customize the OSC so the clients run a custom command after deployment? For example, we use certificates issued from our own CA for Device and Web communication. Before the clients are able to connect to the UMS they then need to have root certificates from our own CA installed. This can be done quite easy from a terminal but I would like to find a way to automate this. Anyone with experience of adding custom commands at the end of the OSC deployment?

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Hi Emil,

you could look at the point 8:

Cool! Thanks Sebastien I will explore that option. 🙂

The suggested solution kind of works, I ́m able to put the certificates in place and, after an additional reboot the certificates are imported and I’m able to register the device in UMS. So, a big step forward at least. But to make it a bit prettier, is there a way to get the certificates active without doing an extra reboot? Tried to find _update-ca-certificates_ command with no luck.

Which kind of certificates are we talking about?

Root certificates that I add to /wfs/ca-certs

They should get retrieved with get_rmsettings but still not sure why they are needed for registration?!

Thanks 🙂 Will try. Well, due to compliancy reasons we had to remove the Igel issued certificate for device communication and use a certificate issued by our own CA. So, in order to get the initial communication up I need to import our own root certificate to the devices.

Could you wget them ?

Yep, I ́m pulling the .crt files down locally. But, for some reason it needs a reboot before they are used for communication with the UMS, that ́s what I would like to avoid if possible. As I have it now, it works with an extra reboot of the device, so I have an acceptable workflow to register the devices.

Could you check if issuing killwait_postsetupd helps?

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