IGEL UMS crashes at launch “Universal Management Suite Console has stopped working”

Hello, everyone! I am currently upgrading our UMS console and am running into a strange issue.

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The console launches fine on our primary server, and if installed locally on a PC. However, we also allow access to the console via Citrix for some of our support staff. When I install the updated console onto Citrix (Windows Server 2016, UMS 6.02.100), it crashes at launch “Universal Management Suite Console has stopped working”.

In looking at the Event Logs, can see the application error with the faulting module being JavaAccessBridge-64.dll, which is in the _jvmbin directory of the console. Prior to this upgrade, we were running a much older version of the console (I know, for shame), but it was working fine. I haven’t been able to find anything to help the situation. Any thoughts?

Hello Sam! Just to get you right: did you also update the console (used on your citrix worker) to the same version like your UMS Server (6.02.100)?

That’s what I’m in the process of doing and where this error comes in. The UMS server is running the console fine, and when installed to a local PC it also works fine. So on our Citrix worker, I am installing just the console and getting this error when launching it.

Ok, I wasn’t clear on that. Could you try to deinstall the console on your worker (please remove also directories placed in every Program files / x86 / data), also the user profile directory located somewhere under c:usersyouruser.igel

I think that may have done it, specifically removing the profile directory as I had previously tried uninstalling and deleting the program file directories. As of right now, it opens and I can connect to our UMS server and view our machines, etc. Thank you!

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