IGEL UMS published via Citrix Xenapp takes 2 minutes to log in and 5-10 seconds per click

Running into an odd situation. I am publishing our IGEL console via Citrix Xenapp. When I connect to server on domain1 and use a user account from domain2, it takes almost 2 minutes to log in and 5-10 seconds per click within the console. If I do this same behavior without using Citrix, it’s fine. To make it even weirder, it seems to be only 1 user account that i’ve found so far that does this…. Any thoughts on where to even start looking? Are there any UMS logs that would show any authentication errors?

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Hey, what version of UMS are you using? I know there was a cross domain issue resolved in the latest 6.02.110 release.

I am on 6.02.100

In addition to suggestion, you could gather logs by using Help, Save Support information and check the Catalina.log

Is the console maybe balanced between different Xenapp workers which might balance between different HA Servers (latency issue)?

We xenapp’d the .jnlp which points to 1 specific server.

Ok, I hope to having you finding some things in the logs. If that doesn‘t help, do you have multiple domains? Can you check if some DCs from the server list under UMS Administration, Active Directory/LDAP, are offline maybe?

None look offline. I’ll keep digging. Seems to be only 1 user account for now, but we only have a handful of admins at the moment so it’s difficult to see how widespread this is. I am getting tempted to upgrade to 6.02.110 because of that ldap fix. It’s not specifically listing the issue(s) i have with multiple domains, but it might not hurt to try. I am just a bit worried since my last upgrade didn’t go so well due to the cross domain communication issue.

Hey @member, the fix I mentioned is actually in 6.02.110 so you may want to move to that version.

Change Log: myigel.biz/public/IGEL_UNIVERSAL_MANAGEMENT_SUITE/WINDOWS/Readme%206.02.110.txt?forcedownload

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