Is a BIOS Update needed on IGEL OS

Hi all, in what case must a bios update been done? Is this only for UDC converted pc’s or also for UD3-LX machines? I never had to do this, even in cases where support is contacted so I am curious about this.

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This is to trigger bios update for vendors that support lvfs update mechanism. I believe that only some UDC hardware falls into this scope.

Lars posted some more in that here. In general LVFS is not only good for PC BIOS, but other embedded or peripheral devices as well.

I don’t believe that IGEL HW falls into this scope.

That’s what I thought. I never have seen this in a training of in contact with support. And in Windows Land one of the first support things is update your computer including your bios :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:. Thanks!

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