Is there a way to lockdown UMS settings so users can’t change them, grey it out?

Morning All,

I’ve enabled the ‘Use a proxy server for your LAN’ setting with UMS.

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The setting is applying fine however there’s nothing to stop the user from un-ticking the proxy setting. Is there a way to apply the setting and lock it down from user changes(grey it out)?



Morning Rowan, You mean in the local Igel Setup on the endpoint?

I would disable the Igel Setup Links in Accessories>Setup

or/and set a Admin Password under Security>Password

which stops the unwanted access.

Oh and a second thing: if my idea isn‘t covering your needs, can you provide some screenshots about what you are seeing?

Sorry Seb, i’ll be a bit more specific! I’ve gone to Browser Sessions > Proxy and selected ‘Use a proxy server for your LAN’. Entered in my Proxy Details however I can’t see an option to lock it down. As you can see on the iGel (Win7), the option can be unticked. If you click on the ‘Advanced tab’ you can see the proxy details. I’d like them to be on the same box as the screenshot but i can’t see how to do that.

Oh, you meant on Windows Endpoint, my mistake! Can‘t check atm. but if it isn‘t covered by a profile, I would go for a Group Policy or Reg Key.

In the MS GPO you can disable the whole tab or the menu button for the details.

Here is what I searched for:

Thanks everyone for coming back to me. I know you can turn this setting off via REGEDIT. My question is, how can you do this on the iGel? I know there is a ‘Registry’ field inside UMS but the registry on UMS isn’t the key structure as Windows. I hope this makes sense?

For example… Cheers Guys

you could also consider to use the cost free UCB UMS Addon to create Packages:

License can be asked at your local Sales rep. There you could deploy this setting since I don‘t see a corresponding setting in our profiles.

This link should work:

Many Thanks!! I’ve just fired an email over to a contact I have in sales. I’ll keep you guys posted should I need anymore help.

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