Migrated IGEL UMS server to a new server with a different host name, Now I can’t update IGEL firmware

Recently migrated UMS server to a new server. New server has a different host name. Now UMS can’t update IGEL firmware. I have rebooted IGEL multiple times. Any ideas?

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Hey @member can you check the firmware package and see what URL is defined in it by the UMS settings? It may need to be updated to point to the new server.

Also, if you migrated the firmware files may not have migrated with the server, unless you manually moved them to the new web folder on the new server.

You can try deleting the firmware from UMS and re-downloading it to see if it corrects it.

Christopher, I was able to fix part of this by updating the path to the new server on the firmware file. I did not migrate the firmware files over to the new server, I just downloaded them again on the new server. Now I receive this error.

Looks like you have a rogue forward slash (/)

I see that. I am not sure where to edit that. Do you know? I have a support ticket opened with IGEL. Basically they are saying “Yes, it’s still an issue with the firmware location.”

@member. what is your ITRS number with IGEL?

I am working on a call at the moment, but I can try to look at it after I free up.

Try removing it here

Hi Christopher so the problem here was the patch was incorect, but when I migrated the server to a new one, I never copied over the firmware from C:Program FilesIGELRemoteManagerrmguiserverwebappsums_filetransfer folder. Also the I created a new profile with the correct credentials to update, that may help 🙂. Thank you for replying and trying to help.

No problem, glad you got it worked out Brian! 🙂

@member I would recommend you to setup the dns record “igelrmserver” and then as sig this to all firmware and filetransfers. In that way, the next time you want to exchange the ums server, you just change the dns record and everything else will follow (as long as you copy the content too :-))

More info: kb.igel.com/endpointmgmt-6.01/en/registering-devices-automatically-10323655.html

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