“Teams Optimization” is missing from IGEL UMS?

Somebody have an idea why “Teams Optimization” is missing?

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Yes its a copied profile from based on 11.03.

But even if I try to add a new one based on 11.04.100 I have no Teams optimization

It should be in the Registry and enabled by default: Can you check if it’s there?

Sorry, and which UMS are you using?

Yep in registry its present. forgot to mention it… 🙂



Teams running optimized

But the entries are still not present…

Maybe its the “old” UMS version!?

Sorry, in a call. Yes, when menus are missing, even if the firmware matches: please try to update the UMS. Some Menus/Features are only available in newer UMS versions.

this is the same for chromium browser aswell > options are not shown in the ums menu if not the latest

Hello, you have to update your ums to 6.05.100

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