What Firmware Version of IGEL OS or Citrix Workspace App is compatible with Citrix 1912?

Hi all, we are planning on upgrading our Citrix Environment to Version 1912. I had a Citrix Case open due to a session problem, and she said that I have to check with you guys which Firmware Version of IGEL OS or Citrix Workspace App is compatible with Citrix 1912. Can you help me? 🙂

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She couldn’t tell you what version of Citrix Workspce App is compatible with 1912?

Yeah, that’s kind of weird. You would think that Citrix could easily tell people what version of their Workspace App for Linux is supported (officially) with CVAD 1912

Yeah true, but she said that the Vendor should tell me that because it is an customized Version of the Citrix Workspace App

Nope, she couldn’t

to my knowledge, it isn’t a customized version of the app. It is Citrix’s Workspace App for Linux.

I believe, but could be wrong, that the Workspace App in any of the IGEL OS firmware will work, but the older the firmware, the less features in Citrix it can utilize. If you are using OS 11, we force it to version 1810 due to issues we had with the versions newer than that. Versions 2004 and 2006 have known performance issues (not an IGEL issue, but all Linux, which Citrix is aware of).

To add, from what I know, the latency issue observed with CWA 2004/2006 occurs when connecting through StoreFront direct (without Citrix Gateway in the mix). Not sure about the rest of you, but my company is still largely remote full-time so I haven’t noticed performance issues with the few thin clients using CWA 2006

But like Mike said, there are probably some officially supported versions on their end.

All currently supported versions of Citrix Workspace app are compatible with the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 1912 LTSR. For information about the lifecycle of Citrix Workspace app, see www.citrix.com/en-in/support/product-lifecycle/milestones/receiver.html Lifecycle Milestones for Citrix Workspace app & Citrix Receiver.

Thanks for your help guys. We connect all our IGELs directly via Storefront. Most of them are still on the 5er branch.

She just mentioned that the CWA should be the LTSR one (which can also be found on the Citrix 1912 package)

11.03.580 has these versions:

Citrix Workspace App

Well I thought the same with the supported versions but we had some users with the 1810 CWA and the went directly into a disconnected state after they tried to login

the version that should release today, 11.4, contains 18.10, 19.12, and 20.06

11.04.100 should have

Citrix Workspace App

So as far as I know:

• IGEL does not customize the Citrix Workspace App

• Firmware 5.13.xx is not supported with newer Citrix Releases

• Before I upgrade all Thinclients from 5.13 to 11.4.100, I have to test different Firmwares to check compatibility

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