Citrix Adaptive Transport/E.D.T. on IGEL Recommendations

Does anyone have recommendations for Citrix Adaptive Transport/E.D.T.? We’ve been trying to enable it for a long time, but it doesn’t work consistently, particularly on Igel thin clients. I have a case open with Citrix and sent them several logs that they requested, but they haven’t found anything helpful yet. I’m wondering whether it’s related to latency or something deprioritizing U.D.P., because I can connect intermittently, but when it does, there is a lot of delay/lag.

We have a mix of IGEL thin clients (11.03/11.04) and various Windows and Mac endpoints, a majority of which are now working (connecting) from home to our Citrix environment (1912). We’ve disabled HDX Adaptive Transport Site wide due to issues experienced in the past with IGEL devices (sometimes the sign out screen remains for a lengthy duration), and from issues that others have reported in this community, and finally because we encountered strange reconnect (failure to reconnect) from Windows and Mac laptops (remote). I don’t believe the issue(s) have anything to do with IGEL, but rather something between Linux Workspace app and the VDA (I’m guessing). Either way, the concept is great, but delivery from my experience isn’t worth what it advertises.

It could be related to the Receiver and V.D.A., but I’ve noticed that I can generally connect to virtual machines in our development environment without a problem, while connections to ones in our production environment are more likely to fail. However, both environments use the same Citrix infrastructure.

That’s weird. There has to be a difference somewhere. There’s a lot of moving parts, and not to sound negative, but I’ve largely given up on Adaptive Transport, at least for the foreseeable future. With the improvements made to the ICA (HDX) protocol throughout the years and releases we really weren’t seeing performance gains, at least from a human perspective.

EDT works stable for us with 1912 CWA on Igels. 2004/2006 CWA seems to have some issues and I‘m waiting fir Citrix to bring up a fix.

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