Could we have Citrix Workspace App automatically resize across an additional screen?

Is there a way to have the Citrix Workspace App automatically resize across an additional screen if it’s plugged in after the session has been started? In my testing the extra screen shows the IGEL desktop but the Citrix session does not resize to include the extra screen. The Citrix session spans both screens if I start or reconnect to a session with the extra screen already attached.

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IGEL OS 11.08.296, connecting to Citrix VDA 2212 Windows 10 VDI machine

In our environment Citrix does not resize automaticly to the additional screen. We’ve to disconnect or logoff the current session to get resize the screen.

Additional info. You can try to enable the CWA menu bar where you can resize the screen in a active Citrix session:

Thanks for the information, we do have the Citrix control bar enabled but this only allows you to minimise the Citrix session rather than resize it across additional screens.

If we start with two screens connected and the session using both of them, then disconnect one screen the Citrix client automatically resizes down to one screen so it’s a shame it doesn’t do that when adding a screen

Just discovered that if we enable the native Citrix connection bar then it will automatically resize when connecting an additional screen

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