How to add multiple Citrix session icons on the IGEL OS desktop?

Hi everyone! Quick question is there a way to have multiple Citrix session icons on the IGEL desktop? Every time I assign two session profiles one overwrites the other

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Yip sure can, they shouldnt be overwriting each other though.

Ya they are I had to make one a self service session and one a storefront session to get it to work but one of each is it and the login hi is different between the two

Hi Paul, there is a feature introduced in 11.02.150 which might help:

“`* Added “Citrix Farm Selection”, a facility to manually select one of the

configured services/farms for Storefront login.


|Parameter |`Citrix store selection` |


|Registry |`ica.pnlogin.farm_selection.enabled` |


|Value |off* (default)/on |


And where is this option in ums? I just set up this pilot so I’m on the most recent IGEL firmware

in a profile, System, Registry, ica.pnlogin.farm_selection.enabled

I will take a look to see if it solves the problem


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