How to completely remove an IGEL OS device from ICG, UMS, including licenses?

Hello all,

Needed your help, I have the following problem / task I need to delete from a Igel device the complete ICG Agent configuration including EMP license.

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How can I do this?

Hello Thomas, you mean without resetting to factory defaults or from a license perspective?


Yes, to 1 or 2 ? 😄

Yes , to 2

• create a new profile

• copy the following one liner into: System, Firmware Customisation, Custom Commands, Desktop, Final Desktop Command

`mount -o remount,rw /license; find . | grep -iRl “.*lic” /license/dsa/licenses/ | xargs -I {} rm -rf {}; mount -o remount,ro /license`

Reboot, wait until it’s booted, remove the profile!

ok fine, How do I make it so that the device is displayed in the UMS without Cloud? The Function ICG Config delete is not working !

Please explain what you are trying to do and why, and I will try to guide you 😄

this function is not working !

Which firmware are you using? And where is the device located? located homeoffice

And why do you want to remove the config, since the device isn’t availabe through ICG after that (which might already be the case)?

Because in the UMS the device is then still displayed with the cloud symbol !

Sorry Thomas… Call me dumb but I don’t get it..

The device is in the HomeOffice, and is connected via … ? UMS and VPN or ICG

What is your goal ?

My goal should be a device which is equipped with an EMP and was configured via ICG (HomeOffice) back in the company network migrates.only with the WE license should operate and this should also be displayed correctly in the UMS.

There is unfortunately the problem that devices once configured via the ICG in always with the cloud icon in the UMS are displayed even if they only have a WE should happen in short a downgrade from EMP to WE!

Ok, on EMP subscription it’s still a manual process, and you will have to remove the deviuce from the pack if not needed.

On the automatic Rerouting to UMS:

Go to IGEL Setup > System > Registry > system > remotemanager > icg_try_ums_connect (Search parameter: system.remotemanager.icg_try_ums_connect).

Enable Prefer UMS over ICG.

OK i will try it

Here is a note on removing IGEL device license —

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