How to configure the kerberos login to Citrix when using self-sevice on IGEL OS?

Do someone know how to configure the kerberos login to citrix when using self-sevice? I have configured the AD logon to the thinclient but the credentials are not forwarded to the receiver. there is still an additional logon.

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Look at the different authentication methods at sessions-hdx/Ica global- Logon or Logon under the storefront section (depends on what firmware you are on)

What you select there is also active for selfservice

You mean this? If yes I have already configured it but it is still popping up with the login window.

Validate that you use fqdn on login domain EVERYWHERE (igel config, storefront and Netscaler if in use).

Hmm, does it work if you use storefront connection instead of self-service?

Hi Fredrik, I use FQDN everywhere. To make sure I have validated it by looking at each config. The Storefront dose work with Kerberos Passthrough.

The thing is we want to offer our user the same experience on any device. most of them will get confused by the other presentation of the sessions or when changing the device from PC to IGEL.

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