How to get Microsoft Teams on top of other apps for incoming call on IGEL OS?

Hello, I’ve got Teams Installed Teams on IGEL with OS11. Working very good. Only one annoying thing. The Users are Connected to RDP Session, when a Teams Call come in the User can’t the the call because Teams is always in background. Any advise to get Teams on top by incoming call? Thank you!

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you mean you are using Teams as a CP I guess, right? Which Teams version are you using and which tutorial did you followed?

Hello Sebastien, Yes as CP. I used this guide:


Same version here, would have to double check tbh. but I don’t have a up and running solution by hand. Would it be an alternative to have the user press a hotkey like:

CTRL ALT TAB to switch from RDP to Teams?

While I do not think it will fix it, here is link to Teams CP with build automation.

Hello Sebastien, the hotkey did not help. While the users work in their RDP session and get a call by teams they don’t recognize it because teams doesn’t pop up in front.

@member, you will want to look at using the command below

“`wmctrl -r “window title” -b add,above“`

Hello Christopher, where I must insert these line?

You would have to build it into the custom application somewhere most likely.

You would also need to get the Window title

So, add the following to custom command in CP profile:

wmctrl -r “teams” -b add,above

I hope I’am right… Like this?

No, it would have to be part of the CP. It’s more complicated than that, and won’t be super simple.

That command runs at boot (before teams is running) and the command will need to be executed after teams is running and anytime after it is closed and re-launched.

So, maybe use a wrapper script as the executable in CP. the script launches teams, sleeps for x seconds and then makes the wmctrl call.

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