Install IGEL OS on a Dell Latitude rugged tablet

Trying to install on a Dell Latitude rugged tablet, but just get a really generic “Igel can’t be installed. Remove the USB and close the dialog to reboot.” is there any way to tell what the issue is causing this?

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I would try with latest OSC 11.08.360

Make sure to note BIOS settings and any mention to what to change to allow Linux (such as Ubuntu) to be installed on it.

Thanks! I dug deep in the bios and for some reason it came in SATA RAID mode even with a single NVME drive in it. We’re good, installed and happy.

Excellent! Thanks for letting us know you fixed it in the bios!

Please, Rob, Could you confirm us the tablet model? We have a customer interested in IGEL OS on a tablet, but always found issues with touchscreen support.

Thanks 😉

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