Is there a ISO or OVA file available for IGEL OS 11?

Hello, is there a iso or ova file available for IGEL OS 11, so i can test things on a virtual IGEL OS 11?

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Of course – go to choose OS Creator (Former UDC; Deployment Tool for IGEL OS11) and download the latest version. It includes the ISO and a preptool to create an USB stick for conversion 3rd party devices.

Hello, not directly but you could create a VM in your favorite Hypervisor, choose the same MAC like in our NFR, boot the ISO from Udos link into he VM as first boot device and install Igel OS into it:

On NFR License posted below, you have 3 years of usage (WE/EMP).

To get up to 3 demo licenses go here, valid 90 days, EMP license included.

Thanks for the comments, gonne try this out!

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