Troubleshooting SWP authentication issue through IGEL ICG

How would one go about troubleshooting swp authentication issue through ICG? It works fine internally, but when connecting through the ICG we get “Error in UMS user authentication” and the user’s account is immediately locked out in Active Directory.

You check the freshly released ICG 2.02 and UMS 6.05. if not already done (had a few Bugfixes on SWP)

Checking Time between Endpoint, ICG, UMS, ADC would be great too.

On logs side: UMS Server: IGELRemoteManagerrmguiserverlogs, Catalina

ICG: /opt/IGEL/icg/usg/logs/ may help

On AD Side, on UMS AdministrationActive Directory, please check if all AD controllers listed are “alive”.

Hope that helps.

Using UMS 6.05 and ICG 2.02. interesting about the time. I just noticed the device is 3 hours off. It authenticates fine internally though, which seems odd if it is due to time.

AD is super time-sensitive. If it’s more than 3 minutes off it won’t authenticate. Does correcting the time fix it?

no time was right, just had the wrong time zone, but fixing that still didn’t help

I don’t use SWP or run into it often honestly. May just need to pull logs from IGEL / ICG / UMS after reproducing the event.

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