What is the full path to the WEBDAV folder for storing firmware in IGEL HA environments?

Hi Guys, I have some trouble with the new IGEL OS 11.02.150. I assign this firmware to a endpoint and start the firmware update but the firmware update failed. I did this several times over the same way with older firmware’s. Now i like to verify directly in the folder the firmware if all files are correctly download (in the past, i had one time a problem with an incorrect downloaded firmware). In a HA structure you can only save your firmware files on WEBDAV but i dont know excatly the path to the folder. Can anybody help me? In a normal structure, the firmware udpates are directly store in RemoteManagerrmguiserverwebappsums_filetransfer but no in the HA.

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Hi Steffen, to make it short: HA or non HA shouldn‘t matter. Igel is recommending though to store Universal Firmware Updates on a separate server (just to avoid some extra load on UMS Server) like a separate FTP/HTTP but it isn‘t mandatory.

In your case, I would guess that you are facing an „issue“ that many HA Admins are facing:

files that are uploaded through Files or Firmware customization should be replicated between UMS Servers every 30 min. approx. in ums_filetransfer

Firmware Update AREN‘T! You could build a DFS or Robocopy job to replicate ONLY the Universal Firmware Update Directories between UMS Servers

Did you checked each UMS Serverums_filetransfer directories?

yes i checked it but there is no entry. My question is, where i can check the downloaded firmware, where is the directory WEBDAV/ums-filetransfer. I cant find it on the server

Assuming you are still on Windows:

C:Program DataIgelRemotemanagerRmguiserverwebappsums_filetransfer

Yes, this is the normal folder but there is no entry for the firmware

thats the reason why i contact the community. Iam so confused 🙂

But did you checked every UMS Server to check if it landed at least on one of them? It should be there, if not, delete it from UMS, empty the recycle bin, download it manually from myigel.biz myigel.biz, upload it to UMS (right click on Universal Firmware Update, Zip File=>Universal Firmware Update) and recheck the Webdav Folders.

i checked every server…nothing. There is the setting for the firmware

Is there maybe an issue with disk space that the firmware couldn‘t be extracted?

Did you followed my thought by importing it manually? If yes, can you please check if something is maybe on C:(or d:)Programfiles x86 instead of Programdata?

i got it 🙂 it is in programdata (hidden folder)


is that the common path for store files and firmwares?

Well, it depends from the UMS Version but since x64, yes.

okay, thanks a lot sebastien 😃👍

You are welcome Steffen!! 😄

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