What URL is required for new Citrix XenDesktop appliance mode using Browser?

For the new Citrix XenDesktop appliance mode using Browser, what URL is required? I assumed it was the Storefront URL, but that doesn’t make sense to me. Is that true? It’s basically just a browser in kiosk mode?

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StoreWEB works – yes, basically a Firefox in Kiosk mode

personally I prefer the Citrix Self-Service in fullscreen

I’m testing it now, and using Browser with the SF URL would be my preference simply because it starts at the logon screen, not the “Login” button in SF. That said, I had higher hopes than just kiosk mode SF when I heard XenDesktop appliance was coming back. Now I’m just disappointed.

Does it require the full path (somedomain.com/Citrix/StoreWeb somedomain.com/Citrix/StoreWeb)? I’m hoping it works with Citrix Gateway and not just internal StoreFront

Whatever works in any browser works with the btowser based appliance mode. Yes it needs the full path.

Citrix Self-Service in fullscreen is my way to go aswell.

For us, not being able to customize Self-Service was a deal breaker. Using the web browser in a kiosk more gives us the customization desired. And we can apply a single profile to devices internal and external.

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