Can you change the remote shadow port to 443

Can you change the remote shadow port to 443 on a universal basis? (as opposed to entering each time)

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You mean inside the Universal Management Suite Java Console I guess?

I was hoping in a profile setting but have not found it searching

I don’t think using 443 for shadowing is the best ideas. That is a reserved port for HTTPS traffic. You could use secure shadow, which uses 8443 and the console will automatically use it. Secure Shadowing (VNC with TLS/SSL) Shadow Devices Securely

Fair. We were doing this to troubleshoot firewall/behavior based security issues and prove that the system was working but there were issues on what it considers “non-standard” port use.

When troubleshooting using 8443 and 443 it would have been nice to have a unified place to toggle this as well as not having to uninstall/re-install icg everytime we changed a port.

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