Does IGEL OS + Touchscreen definitely doesn’t work with an RDS farm setup?

Hi all – my company currently has a few dozen IGEL W10IoT devices with IP-rated Philips B Line 222B9T Touchscreen monitors, installed in a Production environment. The thin clients connect straight to a Windows RDS Farm where we manage the software the Operators use. We’ve just learned the W10IoT OS is no longer available and Linux is the new IGEL OS, but I’ve also heard that Touchscreen through Linux is not compatible with RDS Farm connectivity.

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Can anyone here confirm IGEL Linux OS + Touchscreen definitely doesn’t work with an RDS farm setup?

I’m looking for any advice on here that might help us with our quest to install more endpoints, whether Win10IoT or Linux coupled with guidance on how we might ensure we can continue to use the same RDS farm solution. Thanks in advance.

Hi Richard, just to be clear Touch is working but multitouch doesn‘t. It isn‘t integrated in the Linux RDP Clients (Citrix, Vmware, RDS, etc…) it‘s a general Remote Desktop topic.

Beside that: did you thought about UMA there?

Hi Sebastien – thank you, that’s good to know. Multi-touch isn’t essential but our Operators use pinch to zoom into PDF views. Would be nice to maintain that functionality.

Can’t say I know what UMA is. We use UMS on the server to manage the thin clients. Reading the link, it seems UMA manages the systems via UMS. That’s confusing to me, I thought UMS was managing those systems? Are you pointing me at UMS because it can help solve my problem?

Well, not exactly UMA is a Igel Tool that you can install on any Windows 7 / 10 PC or thinclient to get them managed as a Windows Endpoint produced by Igel. That means, that you could think about buying another Windows Device and still manage it by UMS. Hope that helps.

Ah, I see. Thanks, that might turn out to be useful. Still hoping to use IGELs if somehow possible, but I appreciate we may need to buy other h/w and then apply UMA to bring into the system.

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