Experience with IGEL OS and Touch Screens?

Anyone experience with IGEL and Touch Screens? Just in the lobby for people to log in and out. Maybe some safety instructions and information displayed as well?

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Would say that IGEL OS and touchscreens generally works pretty good, at least with the ones I have tried. It’s just to “plug and play”.

We use about 15 touchscreens of different brands in our meeting rooms with IGEL works perfectly. But you have to use the correct IGEL settings for your type of touchscreen

Hi guys. Could you provide the brand names and if possible, models?

Hello. You can have e look into the IGEL Knowledgebase for tested Touch Screens (sorted by the used Driver): kb.igel.com/igelos-10.05/en/touchscreen-calibration-7110703.html

Yes. I’ve implemented five UD3’s in total with touchscreens. One, with Windows 10 in tablet mode (via Citrix VDI) on a 65 inch touch screen television for our county’s visitor’s bureau – and four as KIOSKs using Firefox coupled with 22inch ELOs for check-in’s and activity selections across two senior centers. The touchscreen support has been flawless. *the applications being used would be another topic of discussion šŸµ

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