Issue where there is a a static cursor to the far right of the left monitor in a IGEL OS dual display configuration

I am having an issue where there is a a static cursor to the far right of the left monitor in a dual display configuration. Weirdest thing that just happened to pop up on a couple of clients after a firmware update. It’s an M250C running I’ve tried resetting to factory defaults, and applied 3 different firmware versions. Ideas?

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You could try to switch on the software cursor under:

System, Registry


I have an open ticket against this. It’s only happening sometimes, and could be related to network connectivity.

Interesting. Please share your findings.

I’m testing your suggestion Sebastien. Thanks.

@member I kid you not – try swapping network cable or port. I’ve noticed a correlation between some users reporting the dual mouse cursors and a sub-par network cable fault in 11.04.

In your case, does the extra cursor move around, or stay stationary? I will keep your suggestion in mind. That might explain why have one user with intermittent issues.

The cursor remains stationary, but the cursor itself changes depending on what the primary cursor is hovering over. So if it’s hovering over some content, the “second cursor” may change to this content.

From my recollection, most of the times it’s a dual-monitor configuration. And in a few cases of this, the problem disappeared once the network cable was swapped. Both the dual-mouse cursor and network issues were only observed after upgrading the UD2 units from 11.02 to 11.04.xx (.110 or later).

I saw this issue often – it relates to dual monitor profiles… reset the client to defaults, do not assign a dual monitor configuration profile and use the “manual configuratoin wizard inside the igel os 😉

Are you suggesting I can’t use profiles for dual monitor config? That doesn’t seem right.

No, it’s a workaroud. For the moment I would rather recommend to open a ticket since this behavior is coming up more often atm,

ok. Thanks. I’m not opposed to reverting back to a known working version if you think that would help. I only have 20 clients, and it’s not happening across the board.

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