My keyboard is delayed in VMware Horizon

Hi everyone, I recently purchased IGEL for our Organization, we are currently running 11.08.360 and after Installing the Igel OS on our HP thin client’s (T530 & 40) we are experiencing some keyboard delays when typing specifically in 0365 web. I haven’t even made any configuration changes to our Igel profile other than adding the vmware horizon client and allowing usb redirection. The keyboards are wired not wireless. It’s only been a day and Im already getting frustrated. Is there anyone who can give me a hand. This is my first time signing up for the Igel community and this seems like a pretty cool place. thanks for all your help 🙂

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Sounds like you need to switch on this key in the IGEL Registry: _x.drivers.use_dri3_

Horizon’s hw accelerated driver has this effect when only DRI2 is used, which is the default.

On the plus side: now you know hw accel is indeed used.

Thank you so much, I havent tried yet but we are currently experiencing this issue with even just testing and opening up the browser on the OS (not even opening up horizon client) would this reg key edit fix this as well? sorry for any newbie questions, I am new to all of this

Yes — This is all around the X11 Windows server…

Details here is you want to read it… geek out

Q: Having performance issues with VMware Horizon and BLAST protocol. What can be done?

A: Most performance issues are resolved in Horizon / BLAST with dri3. Enable the following in the registry:




Thank you that seems to have worked!

Excellent news! Thanks for letting us know.

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