Receive error “The firmware “IGEL OS 11-11-01.100” is not compatible trying to upgrade to IGEL OS 11

Hi every body.

I try to update my IGELs to OS11.

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My test IGEL is UD2-LX , OS ver 10.05.800.01.

I do the update process using UMS 6.01.130

I made a profile for update to OS11.

I assign the profile to the test client without any problem.

But when I assign IGEL OS 11-11.01.100 the warning message pops up.

“The firmware “IGEL OS 11-11-01.100” is not compatible with the current firmware of “978425-TC”

Any idea what’s source of the problem?

Hi Ali, is your target device an Igel endpoint or another brand? Did you tried to check compatibility:

or the upgrade tool?

Hi Sebastian, thanks for your reply.

As I mentioned before. My Thin Client is an IGel Universal Desktop(UD2-LX). It should be compatible based on:

I’ve double and triple checked every thing but I’m not sure if I missed something or there’s another issue.

My mistake, sorry!

Can you provide two things:

Screenshot of the asset details of the UD2 ( main window when clicking on it inside UMS)

Screenshot of OS11 element under Universal Firmware Update in UMS (where user / password / …. Snapshot file is shown?

Upgrade tool on endpoint?

I’ve had that when i was upgrading.. i closed out of UMS and tried again if your enpoint had been updated to 10.05.800

Anthony, I just tried that, no change😕

@member thanks, I‘m missing the last screenshot regarding the upgrade tool, could you provide this one also?

Sebastian, I’m not sure what do you mean by upgrade tool. I’m using UMS to upgrade my client.

These are the upgrade profile setting which I use.

I mean this one:

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