Can’t connect to Microsoft Teams Meeting, VDI Solution with Citrix on IGEL OS?

Hi all, we can’t connect to Microsoft Teams Meeting, VDI Solution with Citrix

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Befor 3-4 Weeks it was possible.

Is there an Issue known?

1:1 Call’s is working

OS 11.04.215 installed

Hi patrick, did you recently updated the Firmware to 11.04.215?

Hi Marc, Yes, Yesterday, befor 11.04.200 same Issue

you got an IGEL with 11.02.100 or below that? Is it working there?

No, also same Issue

Thats a known issue. Citrix and IGEL are working on a solution.

As a workaround you can use the Teams custom partition but the users will lose some comfort…

To make sure… Teams is crashing when you join a meeting, isn’t it?

Yes, that’s wright

Is there is an official statement?

I guess thats the KB Markus means, isn’t it?

Our customers are very upset…🤐

We use VDI with Citrix, Custom Partition is not a solution

There was a statement from @member in one of the other “Teams on CItrix not working” Threads but I cant find it. Sebastien is writing too many posts 🙂

I think this is the thread you mean:

Its opened by Henk-Jan Eiten

Yes, that’s the same, any further information’s about it?

I found just yesterday that the setting “On close, keep application running” needs to be checked otherwise Teams will reliably drop calls after exactly 3 minutes. Not sure if it’s related to this or not

Is there somewhere that outstanding issues with Teams optimizations are being tracked? Trying to get Teams working consistently with IGELs has been a nightmare for us, especially with webcams.

Teams in Citrix VDI only works for 1-to-1 direct calls, but is unable to join a scheduled meeting. This is the same on IGEL as it is on a native Linux (Ubuntu) OS with CWA 20.10. I believe this is a Citrix/MS issue, not an IGEL issue.

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