Help troubleshooting USB storage redirection (drive redirection) on IGEL OS 10/11?

Hi, we have trouble with usb storage redirection (drive redirection) on os10/11. Wa want to user the client drive mapping feature (not the usb redirection). Normally usb stick will we automounted in /userhome/media. Next this with a citrix profile we map a drive in session that show the content.

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Hi, could you provide a screenshot of your profile: Devices=>Storage devices=>Storage hotplug?

Should Storage Hotplug checked

Client drive mapping dynamic or if static: static

You could check also if a USB ACL is set under devices: if yes disable

Last one: please disable USB Redirection completely during your tests, just to avoid a misconfiguration: Sessions=>Citrix=>Citrix Global=>Native USB Redirection

Hi sebastian. Yes, we configure in this manner the profile. In OS10/11 during usb insert must the igel take a beep or not?

It should bring up a message bottom right that the device is ready to access (depending on the firmware version).

The Beep is optional (same as the popup) both can be deactivated in the same window under notifications. Did you tried different sticks and maybe just the storage profile without anything else?

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