How to upgrade IGEL UD Pockets from IGEL OS 10 to IGEL OS 11?

All, anyone know how one can get an old UD pocket with IGEL OS 10 activated? We have tons of licenses for 11, but can’t get our few legacy trial UD pockets on 10, and then upgrade to 11.

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So you have OS10 Trial US Pockets and want them to OS11 without wanting to upgrade them?

You could reflash them directly to OS11 with OSC:

Then, the device should be able to get one of your OS11 licenses directly.

These steps to me seem to be only referring to an actual device. When I get to the actual UD Pocket OS 10 ‘BIOS’ (for lack of a better term, I don’t see any options to run an OSC converter USB stick.

I’d like to upgrade them, but bc trial licenses are not available for these legacy UD Pockets, I cannot upgrade them from within the UD Pocket IGEL local configuration.

You have to create a second stick with the OSC, on it and boot that one:

Then, after preparing the Stick and booting from it, choose the UDP installation target.

Ahhhh. I see now. Thanks!

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