Issues with webcams via local firefox/chromium, webplayer says html5 player is not active/available

Hi, we are trying to access our cameras via local firefox/chromium but the webplayer says html5 player is not active/available. Do I need to activiate html5 seperatly?

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Hi, which firmware are you using? Is the Webcam available if you navigate to this site:


Hi, we use 11.05.120. And I mean video survelliance cameras and not webcams😅

11.05.120, Firefox, reseted to factory defaults IGEL OS and without any kind of Profiles. Seems to work, at least on their Live Demo. Could you check 1) if a factory defaults without settings works 2) if you have a Workspace edition License and not a starter license

I tested it now, but it doesnt show the live feed only prewview images of the cameras. I tested it with a factory rested igel with only the workspace license. I attached the profile for the session. Do I need to check a specific setting?

Did you test with the Synology demo URL?

With the demo it works but not with our own camera server

can you try a firefox esr 78.6.1. on an Ubuntu VM and check if it works there? My Instar Webcam is working, but I thought the Synology Demo would be the same behavior as the real one you are using…

I saw I need to activate GPU acceleration, is this active by default or do I have to set it on?

on Chromium it’s off and can’t be turned on atm.

On Firefox, you could try it there:

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