Can you easily update IGEL UD2 IGEL OS 10 to IGEL OS 11?

Is it possible to easily update to Linux v11 on a UD2 (IGEL D220) with Linux v10 without any problems?

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Hello, UD2 220 works without limitation on OS11 even if some users reported the device went a bit slower on Bootup process.

Hey, Thanks for your answer. But i need a workspace or enterprise license, right ?

Workspace, yes but EMP only if you have use of ICG / AIT or SWP.

Ok. do i need a license if i want to update the device? or can i update the device without license?

You need at least a Workspace Edition licence when you update to OS11

that would explain why the update fails … thank you guys 🙂

do you know an approximate price for only the workspace license 🙂 ?

It depends from the maintenance period you are buying it. Will check and send you a PM. do you have a local Igel Sales rep. contact? IF no, can you send me your location (Dortmund ? 😄 ) ?

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