How to configure Digital Persona Biometric readers with IGEL RDP?

Hello – we are attempting to use Digital Persona Biometric readers with IGEL RDP. We have tested using the IGEL citrix client and everything works as expected. When using RDP, the biometric reader shows up on the RDS server in device manager but is not functional. Note – we were only able to get the biometrics to work with Citrix by enabling the digital persona channel on igel. Is anyone successfully using IGEL, biometric devices and Microsoft RDP? Thank you

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Hello Jacob, can you try to disable the USB redirection and re-test?

We’ve tried tried that, still no luck.

Any luck getting this to work? I have the exact same issue. Uable to get the UareU 4500 fingerprint scanners working over RDP. device shows up in Device Manager but isn’t functional. (To be fair this may not be IGEL specific as I could’t get it to work via RDP on Wyse ThinOS either, so may be something with RDP/USB itself)

Just went back from vacation, @member did you had the chance to test the Fabulatech USB Redirection instead of the native one?

Back in June we were testing this same setup, without any success. Native USB redirection, Fabulatech, various drivers, etc. no luck at all. Doing some re-testing this week (because the boss said so!) and discovered that fabulatech now has “Biometrics for Remote Desktop” software (… Sounds like this issue was enough of a pain point for enough people to warrant specific software solution for it?

All that said, I have no idea where to start in trying to see if their linux workstation side module would be compatible with IGEL, or how to integrate their workstation side module into IGEL (OS11) if it is.

(And to provide an answer to the original question, we had good luck using USB over IP devices to get the UareU 4500 working in RDP sessions. Not the most elegant solution maybe, but it works!)

Would have to ask our PM if an integration is planned but that sounds promising!

If you can get install files for Ubuntu x64, I could give it a try to create a custom partition (but without warranty or guaranteed release date atm🙈).

According to their (minimal) documentation on their download page, it is a simple compressed file, unzip it to /opt then read their readme… —

That sounds… too promising☺️

Cannot say when, but will have a look on it!

We’re you able to get this successfully working with RDP? I haven’t tried since June.

Yes, sorry. The Components are really easy and small but I don‘t have the backend to test the full integration. The client seems to work though.

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