How we can deploy IGEL OS with Microsoft SCCM?

Good Morning 🙂 Often I got questions at how we can deploy IGEL OS with Microsoft SCCM? Here is my answer. We have also IGEL OS 11.02.100 as SCCM image file available if someone want to test that.

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I think I have a solution to for this, which I’ll test tomorrow. But how have you solved the issue with BIOS vs UEFI deployments? Usually if its captured one way it won’t work for the other and so on.

its only for UEFI not for the older one..

I’ve captured my images in VMware using BIOS and used vendor specific tools in the task sequence to set the BIOS to UEFI.

I have used my UD3

Thanks. Care to share what you got @member

Sure. This is the task sequence I use to convert an existing Windows device. The f12 pxe boot deploy task sequence is much smaller as you don’t have to worry about encryption. Also McAfee is a pain:

Just as a note to that.. All the McAfee devices are win7 so that’s why they may have some different BIOS settings configured.


@member is something like this similar to what tools you had to use?

Yup. We use the Dell cctk and the hpbiosutility. We don’t have any Lenovo so I didn’t configure anything for that vendor. They have their own tool as well.

Sweet, looks like you can use Dell command to create an executable to do it

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