IGEL ICG Error: Failed to register the device at UMS

I am not sure what I am doing wrong. The igel shows connected to the ICG but getting the following error.

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“Error: Failed to register the device at UMS.”

This is a new ICG Setup

Is this a brand new device that hasn’t been in UMS before?

That is correct

when I go to IGEL Cloud Gateway in UMS. I don’t see any devices listed under Connected Devcies. but the iGEL I am testing with shows connected

port 8443 open between UMS and ICG?


figured, since you got it connected to the UMS

UMS shows connected to ICG

Enterprise Management Licenses available?

yes, I have some avaialble

I haven’t personally setup one initially through an ICG. All of mine have been registered with UMS first. I know it should work the way you are doing it. I just haven’t dealt with it myself. Hoping someone else can chime in and help.

Thanks for the help

If I get some time this evening, I will factory reset one of mine and remove it from UMS and licensing and see if it works.

that would be helpful to know

Is there any kind of load balancer or security appliances that may scan or modify traffic in 8443?

The only time I have seen this error is if the device does not have an EMP license assigned to it.

This morning I factory reset my device and cleared it out of the licensing packs and deleted it out of UMS (including from the recycle bin). I connected it to the ICG and it registered properly with UMS and was automatically assigned licenses. We have the Workspace licenses set to auto deploy based on a view that looks to see if the device is coming through the ICG.

Yes, we are going through the netscaler and I followed the following kb.igel.com/igelicg-1.04/en/configuring-netscaler-7121012.html. When I configure ICG on the igel, it is talking to the ICG server. I have to enter in part of the certificate and the password set in ICG.

Thanks David. I will continue to troubleshoot.

Yes, but it’s more complicated than that

I would think if I had issues with the netscaler, I wouldn’t get connected to the ICG

Sorry, on a call, but that’s not always true

I wonder what I am missing

Sorry, so if there is any kind of load balancing happening or any traffic manipulation due to Netscaler configuration then you can actual cause issues with the websocket connection.

When you configured your NetScaler, did you configure a single VIP with a single ICG, or is there more than one ICG in the VIP?

Also, if you have any SSL or traffic offloading enabled, it will need to be disabled.

Can you remove the netscaler and do a direct NAT translation to test?

I have a single ICG at this point. I will take a look to see if we have SSL or traffice offloading enabled

ah, yeah, we didn’t go through our ADC

We bypassed the netscaler and NATed externally to the ICG. I got the same results.

I am using a UD Pocket on V10. Does it need to be on V11?

Oh, do you have an ICG license? (not EMP)

ah, I thought about asking that. Sorry. That is usually the first thing I ask.

Is there a way to upgrade the UD Pocket to v11

there is, but you have to have your licenses upgraded from v10 to v11

which may have a cost (keyword “may”)

alright. I was able to create a VM running OS 11.03.500.01 for testing. it is connected to UMS via ICG. The only thing I need to figure out is why is shadowing greyed out event though I have Shadowing enabled. The IGEL has a EMP license and Workspace Edition license

Looks like I may need to upgrade UMS for this

Yeah, make sure UMS and the ICG are the latest versions.

Thanks everyone for the help

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