Problems redirecting our Philips Digital Pocket Memo 8000, audio stops working

We have some problems redirecting our Philips Digital Pocket Memo 8000. Redirecting the storage works fine. But after reconnecting the device, while the citrix Session is active, the audio stops working. I don’t really know how to use Philips dictate Channel.

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Are you using the Native USB Redirection? If yes, I would turn it off and enable the virtual channel Philips, here:

Hi. Thanks for the quick answer. We’ve disabled native USB redirection completely and activated Philips dictate. Now the device ist showing Up as digital Pocket Memo Multichannel. Its working Just fine, but when i reconnect the device. It is just showing Up and Not working anymore.

Hi, Which firmware are you using?


Could you try to update to 11.05.120 and retry?

Sadly it’s the same result. I’m overall a little bit confused. When i use the dictation device with the “normal” hdx optimized redirection, every application just works. Even when i reconnect the device. The only application that ist not working is Nuance. It is “seeing” the mic but throws an error, when you get to the page “mic check”.

Could you check if your Speechdriver on VDI is working on the same version as we do: 12.9.1

Found a solution. Thanks for reminding me of the newest version of Igel OS ( 11.05.120 ). In this version, there is the possibility to redirect “multiple audio devices”. I found this setting under registry->ica->modules. Now our mic is redirected with the right name and Nuance just works. I also got in touch with the technical support of Nuance. The redirection only works with the “Cloud” optimized products of nuance ( medical one, Personal etc. ). Dragon group does not work. Thanks again sebastien :). Have a nice weekend and stay healthy and safe !

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