What is the recommended way for updating IGEL UDX devices to IGEL OS 11?

What is the recommended way for updating UDX devices to OS 11? I have attempted to update one via USB and from UMS and it continually states that the file is not found from UMS and then when I attempt this from USB it is only looking for lxiv.inf when the unpackaged installer only has lxos.inf

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Hi Robz. There’s a KB article for that: kb.igel.com/igelos-10.05.800/en/upgrading-igel-devices-from-igel-os-10-to-igel-os-11-14686131.html

Could you share a few informations like where are coming from regarding the firmware you are trying to upgrade, which firmware you want to use and if you already used the upgrade tool to check prerequisites:kb.igel.com/igelos-10.05.800/en/testing-the-upgrade-14686153.html

I am trying to go from what appears to be UDLX 10.05.800 to OS 11.01.100.

Is this something that i need to upgrade the UD6 device to OS 10 vs UDLX 10?

10.05.800 is fine, now please check the upgrade tool to see which part is maybe missing in your process.

looks like licensing and update source…

Ok, that’s easy to solve when following the doc sent by Udo.

To Clarify: in OS 10 there were different versions of the firmware for UDC (converted devices) and the UDP named “OS” and for UDx (IGEL hardware) named “UD LX”.

In OS 11 there’s only one for all.


Looks like my issue was the license. The IGEL will NOT upgrade without a valid license file…thanks everyone!!

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