How to setup default domain into Citrix Self Service (via http, web interface login)?

Hi guys, does anyone knows, how can we setup default domain into Citrix-self-service. (via http, web interface login). we had setup the domain on several locate of profile. but it still can’t success. (IGEL OS version:11.03.500.01)

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Hi Evan, I had this situation on early CWAs, please try to update the client to 11.04.240 as well as your profile versions to 11.04.240.

Hi Sebastien, the situation still occur when we update client and profile to version 11.04.240. The domain still can’t save by default.

Is there a reason why you’re using Self-Service and not the normal Storefront setup?

Hi David, due to Storefront not supported Http, then we only can use Self-Service to connected.

Are you using the correct firmware version for the profile?

I just looked again and you have enabled Passthrough authentication – which would mean that the domain would be taken from the settings under Security > AD/Kerberos. Please check this section, or disable Passthrough authentication.

Hi David, i have try uncheck Passthrough authentication then it still the same*.*

Remove any settings from Storefront and leave only the stuff in Self-Service

Please remove autologin on last screenshot.

Removed, but still the same situation.

In my opinion you are going about this all wrong. The settings under Citrix Global > Storefront Login are for Storefront Only as marked in the setup. If I understand correctly, you have a Citrix Storefront login window popping up but you want to login via Self-service.

I think a better solution to your problem would be to use a Browser window and enter the URL to your Web Interface here

Hi David, in the same condition that HP and Dell can use and support this to remember domain, but i can’t find the same setup from IGEL OS.

If you manually enter the correct values in the login dialog can you login?

Yes, it can be login.

I think that because you are using Self-service it doesn’t use any settings from the Storefront section. I would advise you to use Storefront but in IGEL OS 11, HTTP support was removed from Storefront due to it no longer being supported by Citrix.

Hi David, thanks for advice. so were we need to load back to OS 10 for support this?

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