Will the new IGEL OS 11 firmware be available for online import through UMS?

Will the new OS11 firmware be available for online import through UMS?

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You have to update UMS to v6.01.100

I already have updated to V6.01.100. If i check for new firmware updates i don’t see OS11 firmwares. We have UD3 LX devices by the way.

Connection to the fwu.igel.com fwu.igel.com via 443 from Your UMS is working?

Rebooted the server (just in case) and checked again for firmware. I see all OS10 versions but not OS11. Checked the firewall logs and see that fwu.igel.com fwu.igel.com is being allowed. I do notice that the UMS server is using 80 not 443 to connect to fwu.igel.com fwu.igel.com. I’m able to download OS10 versions without any problem.

i’ve got the OS11 Version in UMS 6.01 – but i have a OS11 demo client in the ums registered.

Maybe, that’s the cause? We use UD3-LX 50 ac devices. I read the OS11 firmware should be compatible.

there is atm no migration from OS10 to OS11 available iirc:


@member Thanks!

But go ahead and download OS 11 (OSC actually as it includes the creator software AND the ISO file) setup a VM and then you can test the new stuff.

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