Updated: IGEL OS Unified Communication Configurations (UCC) Guide!

IGEL OS UCC Guide v1.9 is out now on files.igelcommunity.com/igelos_ucc_configuration_guide.pdf

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• new firmware base: IGEL OS 11.05.112 (and 11.05.120 which is coming soon)

• new HDX webcam support with Citrix Workspace App 21.03 and a lot of new features full tested

• additional information for Cisco WebEx and WebEx Meetings Integration on Citrix

• new Cisco WebEx Meetings VDI installer

• new Zoom VDI installer (Version: 5.5.0)

Hi Lars, do you update the Guide? It is still v1.8 :thinking_face:. Mach thanks for the great summary 👍

You need to clear your browser cache or press F5 for refreshing 🙂

My mistake. Sorry

@member Any chance you are planning to add Cisco Jabber to this document in the near future?

Yes, I will do that – funny that you are asking now – I had some chats about this topic in the last days

Yeah, if you ask me the Jabber one is the most difficult one to get right.

Ok, that was not clear to me – I have this often implemented without any problem

It is only needed, to know that you need to have the current or the 2nd last version, all others are not working together

Yeah, the tricky part that @member and I have been discussing is when the TC is not on the same LAN as the Call Managers.

Good catch @member I didn’t even notice that Cisco Jabber (JVDI) was not on this guide. JVDI works extremely well and is vital to our Call Center staff, especially with these users working remotely from home. If we didn’t have JVDI, or if it didn’t perform as well as it does, we’d be faced with providing a physical desktop phone for these users (including internally). As for leveraging JVDI from remote, your organization requires the existence of Cisco Expressway (or possibly just a VPN connection). I’m not versed with Cisco Voice stuff, but I’d say that configuring for Jabber is probably a fairly easy task for most Cisco Voice engineers/administrators. @member let me know if you’d like me to provide you with the details for consideration in adding to your guide if you want.

Oh, and as a bonus, you can connect to Webex meetings through Jabber and the Webex meeting will be optimized if JVDI is in place. This was at least something new to me…

In one of my former roles I have created a worlwide Cisco Jabber infrastructure in a big financial company with 15.000 seats.

@member what haven’t you done 🙂

Good question 😉

I never installed SAP for example

Neither have I, nor do I want to. lol

Lars you mentionned…new Cisco WebEx Meetings VDI installer, is Horizon supported?

will come out soon

Hi Lars any development on the new IGEL WebEx Meetings VDI client build, Cisco released version early april. I’ve installed on the host side and it works for mostly all functions, has new outlook integrations too, which is nice!..But since the current IGEL VDI plugin is (with 11.05.120 firmware) some calling issues have started to appear…no ringer sound when calling out for example….Thanks

We have IGEL Devices with v11.04.270 using Cisco WebEx Meeting Video/Audio Optimization which was working great using the Cisco WebEx Cloud v41.2.x. Then the Cisco WebEx Cloud was upgraded to v41.4.x and now our IGEL Devices with v11.04.270 fails “Cisco WebEx Meeting Video/Audio Optimization”.

We are trying to determine why this broke.

My understanding is that all three Cisco Webex Meeting components (Cisco Webex Cloud server, the Citrix Webex Meetings Desktop App for VDI & Cisco Webex Meetings Virtual Desktop Plugin on the IGEL endpoints) need to be in sync so V/A Optimization will function properly.

Question, how do we upgrade the application “Cisco Webex Meetings Virtual Desktop Plugin” v41.2.0.142 on the IGEL OS to the new version 41.4.x?

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